Work for Us
At the moment we are seeking for employees on programmer position in our facility in Bratislava, who are characterized by:
  1. Ovládajú slovenský a anglický jazyk (na úrovni technicky zameranej rečovej komunikácie) (vítaná je aj francúzština, ruština, arabčina a ďalšie jazyky)
  2. They are able to find the ten thousandth number of sequence got from natural numbers 1,2,3,4,5,.... by the following process: in the first step you remove each second number (you get 1,3,5,7,9, ...), in the second step you remove each third number from the remaining numbers (you get 1,3,7,9,...) and so on, each fourth (1,3,7,13,...), then each fifth, sixth and so on up to infinity.
  3. They like to travel 2-3 times for 5-10 days in year, sometimes to exotic countries.
  4. They know Java and C/C++, XML, HTML, CSS
  5. They have valid driver license or they are allowed to obtain it.
  6. They are allowed to participate on deployment and support of the products they develop

We are looking for software administrator who takes care for systems deployed by our company in Bratislava and supports our customers.
  1. Ovláda slovenský a anglický jazyk (na úrovni technicky zameranej rečovej komunikácie) - vítaná je aj francúzština, ruština, arabčina a ďalšie jazyky
  2. He has an experience in Linux and MS Windows administration, he knows TCP/IP, XML and SQL
  3. He has a valid driving license
  4. He is reliable and self-supervised and has analytical skills

Holding characterization and having interest, please contact: