Remote support and maintenance

Competitive edge, superior quality, smooth run, and regular maintenance - they all add up to the successful operation of the complex distributed systems, as the national monitoring networks, and airport weather systems.

MicroStep-MIS offers wide range of technical support and maintenance options to our customers, that suit any budget and resources. In addition to local support and service centers, which are common components of our complex systems, our customers can also rely on the MicroStep-MIS Support Center. Remote support from MicroStep-MIS Support Center is greatly appreciated by many of our customers. Using innovative and comprehensive means of remote support and maintenance helps MicroStep-MIS products and services to operate with outstanding performance, stability and durability.


MicroStep-MIS offers both on-site and factory training for the system administrators and experts in the application area.

Educational Services

We offer to our customers and partners general courses and study programs. Our educational services are focused both on MicroStep-MIS manufactured, and other provided components and products. The program and length of the courses can be adjusted to meet the customers’ needs.