MicroStep-MIS has traditionally a good relation to academic sphere as it belongs to group of spin-off companies (MicroStep group). MicroStep-MIS participates at this cooperation to make its products more competitive, to acquire the best experts to its development team and to make comercial work more attractive for its employees.


In particular MicroStep-MIS cooperates with:

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Slovak University of Technology especially with Department of Industrial Informatics and Control.

  • Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University, mainly with Department of Applied Informatics.

  • Slovak Academy of Science, particularly with Institute of Informatics, Geophysical Institute and Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute.

Our specialists lead university courses, diploma thesis and we support student activities including contests for young talents.


In cooperation with faculties we have founded common lab for mobile robotics - www.robotika.sk

Besides the areas of our commercial activities we support the research programs in the following fields:

  • Agent-oriented programming
  • Mobile robotics
  • Grid Computing


Current projects:
APVV Project VMSP-P-0048-09

Significant Meteorological Phenomena Using Data Mining

(Data Mining Meteo DMM)
Duration: 01.09.2009 31.08.2011
Partners: MicroStep-MIS, UI SAV, FEI TUKE

We have participated on the following projects: